Psychology is the science of human behaviour. It incorporates their behaviour patterns of doing things, special characteristics and predicts their behaviour. There are many amazing things that you simply did not know about psychology that are sure to blow your mind. 


Have you ever wondered what makes people act a certain way that they do? Only psychologists can predict their behaviours. But did you know that you too can predict some common behaviours and patterns easily, and there are out in the open to learn? 

Cool ways to predict behaviour:

There are many ways to understand one’s behaviour. This article will teach you how. 

You can tell when someone is lying.

Body language is everything. Even if someone is lying straight to your face, you can tell the truth from their body language. If they don’t make eye contact, are acting defensive, and avoiding telling the whole thing, you have a liar on your hands. 

Crossing your arms is a way to act defensively.

If you are crossing your arms when talking to someone, you are blocking them out and showing them that too. Psychologists predict this behavior as being cold, cutting a conversation short, and just plainly refusing everything. It is out in the open to see.

When someone blinks a lot.

If there is someone you are talking to and you see them blinking rapidly and many times. Then they are either distressed or not comfortable or even scared. Rapid eye movement represents all these emotions and showcases them. 

Sitting with an open posture. 

An open posture whether or not you are sitting shows that are in control, comfortable, relaxed, and easy-going. It might be during a conversation or just a casual affair. When you cross your legs out, it means the opposite. 


These common behaviours have been researched by scientists who make observations of people and then conduct research. So the next time you want to predict someone’s behaviour, you’ll know how to.