The human body is a miracle within itself. It is simply remarkable with the way everything works in unison, and all the activities are carried out systematically in the system. Just studying everything is amazing, and it shows how remarkably God has placed everything. All are in the right order and every organ depends on the other. This allows everything as a whole to make the body function in perfect order.


In this article, we have listed some remarkable things that we can bet you did not have a clue about have heard before. They are so amazing, that they will surely amaze you.


Remarkable things that you didn’t know about the human body.

You are born from a single cell.

Yes, you 6 ft. 2’’ person was once just a single cell that grew into the giant that you are today. You were so tiny that a microscope was used to see the way you look. Gradually though you became a small fetus with no hands and feet and then became a 6-pound baby. It’s just remarkable how the human body grows from nothing to a fully functioning human being.

You have an incredibly complex digestive tract.

When you eat the food have you ever thought about the complexities that it goes through? How it is digested? How the nutrients are absorbed? And how waste is gotten rid of? Well, all that and more happens inside that little tract that isn’t that little at all. It is an amazing 30 feet tall if stretched from one end to the other.

Humans glow in the dark.

You are a friend of the bioluminescence jellyfish. That’s right, though it is not very apparent, humans also glow in the dark, and this particular phenomenon can be observed effectively in laboratories.


Humans are amazing creatures. The more research is being done, the more fascinating topics are seen about them.