Are you planning to visit a new country to experience a rich culture and history? Our world is full of iconic landmarks and natural beauty, so going to some of the world’s most famous places is one thing that must be on your bucket lists. These locations that have been around for millennials are awaiting your arrival. 

The Top Famous Historical Sites To Visit Next Time you Travel. 


Perhaps the most famous historical sites of the world are the Pyramids Of Giza in Egypt. They were crafted as tombs for the Pharaohs in 2560 BC. They consist of chambers within the pyramids that can be visited on private tours. Next to the pyramids are other ancient monuments to explore. 

Great Wall Of China

Approximately 6,000 kilometres wide, The Great Wall Of China goes through forests and hills. It is China’s number one tourist attraction, and it is famous across the globe. Many have it listed on their bucket lists. It is approximately twenty-thousand kilometres long, making it one of the longest-made creations in the world. The path to the wall offers beautiful natural scenery to view as you physically challenge yourself up. 

Roman Colosseum, Italy

One of the most recognized historical sites in the world, the Roman Colosseum stands tall in Italy. Despite multiple earthquakes, fires, and natural disasters, the building has lived beautifully. It is one of the most visited sites in Italy. It collapsed after the 1349 earthquake, leaving it damaged from the south side. The arena inside was designed to entertain animal hunts, games, and competitions. 


As reviewed, these sites are a must-visit you should consider experiencing. These landmarks ooze the rich cultures and significant history of many people who live today. It defines them as a country. And being able to experience such locations is a luxury given to us.